The Intermesh Company

We are the Numero Uno Real Estate Advisory/Sales Company in Nigeria. We have been keeping our promises to all our client, we will continue to do so and grow even bigger with the help of more than 200 customers in our global network

At The Intermesh Company we work diligently on your behalf to ensure your investments are safer than you can possibly imagine. We partner with Top Tier Real Estate Companies in Nigeria, We verify their property Titles and bring to you only properties that have no adverse claims whatsoever. So many Nigerian’s in disapora have a lot of challenges with owning safe properties back home but we are bridging that gap one customer after the other. We place so much value on Trust and Transparency. Permit us to welcome you as you take your first step towards achieving your dreams of being a Home Owner In Nigeria.

Why you should buy properties in Nigeria from Intermesh


With a Team of dedicated staff all trying their best in every circumstance to collaborate using their Individual Skills to achieve the Company’s Goals.

Real Estate Company Nigeria

Packaged into a series of activities that starts from initial contact through to after-sales care all designed to deliver Customer Satisfaction.

Affordable Real Estate

By providing various Flexible plans on all our properties, we are finishing to taste to meet both Medium and High Income earners as we intend to bridge the gap in Housing Deficit across Nigeria.

Genuine Real Estate Company

​We at Intermesh task ourselves with greater focus on the triple bottom line (financial, social and environmental) and an expectation that business must always operate within the interests of a wider society.

Buy properties in Nigeria

Our Reputation as one of the top Real Estate Company in Nigeria precedes us as we seek to build trusting relationships by keeping our promises and in most times exceeding our Client’s expectations by raising the bar and thereby transforming the way business is done.

Our Clientele

We pride ourselves on serving our Customers for we believe One happy customer would definitely recommend a Thousand more customers. That is why we ensure we are the go-to-company whenever you need to buy properties in Nigeria

What our Customers think about us

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    Nigeria's Number 1 Real Estate Company in Nigeria.

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